Books (unpublished):
Two Mountains and Other Stories
Moto Girl (a novel)

Published Stories/Flash Fiction
“Monster” The North Atlantic Review, January 2007
“Dust” SoMa Literary Review, April 2008
“Marriage” Schuylkill Valley Journal, May 2010
“Four Colors Standing on a Corner” decomP magazine, 2011
“Drummer, Blue Glass, Straitjacket” Grey Sparrow, Fall 2011
“The Package” Revolution House, June 2013 (1st Prize winner)

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Moto Girl
A novel by Jeffrey Kingman


From across the river the view of Mare Island is dominated by many antique cranes that used to lift the battleships and submarines into the dry dock. The Navy is gone now, the shipyard deserted. Save the cranes, they say, the people of Vallejo. (They don’t mean the birds, they mean the machines.) They want to prevent them from being removed because they’re used to seeing the huge old things poking up along the skyline when they walk along the pathway between the marina green and the Mare Island River. They’ve come to love the cranes’ unnatural beauty. But the cranes sit idle, their cables dangling uselessly, the empty operator compartments (built like small A-frame houses) reflecting sunlight off their little windows, 40 feet above the ground. The Navy pulled off the island many years ago and left it all as it was—equipment, historic industrial buildings, bomb shelters, elegant Victorian homes once inhabited by officers—as if they’d forgotten why they ever needed it. [MORE…]