O Happy Dagger CD cover

O Happy Dagger
from Home Before Dark (2018)
Recorded by Chris von Sneidern

Beast of Burden (Jagger, Richards)
Big Blue (Lindbergs, Hipps)
A Simple Prayer (Lindbergs, Hipps)

Beth Eiess – vocals
Jay Hipps – guitar and vocals
Jeff Kingman – drums
Sean Kirkpatrick – guitar and vocals
Ainsley Lindbergs – vocals
Lynda Zwack – double bass

• • •

Small Gas Engine
from Small Gas Engine Live at the Hotel Utah (2010)

Downtown (M. Martine)
Bright (A. Holderness)
Light Up the Fields (J. Clarke)

Kevin Johnson – guitar, vocals
Jody Clark – pedal steel, guitar, vocals
Alex Holderness – double bass, vocals
Jeff Kingman – drums

• • •

Robber Barons
from Kerosene Connection (2006)
Produced by Michael Wilson

Still (K. Johnson)
Useful Sound (K. Johnson)
Deguello Waltz (N. Edwards)
Mountain Time (K. Johnson)
Waxahachie (N. Edwards)

Nik Edwards – songwriter, guitar, vocals, banjo, harmonica, accordion, melodica
Kevin Johnson – songwriter, guitar, vocals
Alex Holderness – songwriter, bass, vocals, piano
Jeff Kingman – drums
William Earl – songwriter, lead guitar, vocals
(additional musicians: Mac Martine, pedal steel; Patty Weiss, violin)

• • •

Gun & Doll Show
from Working on the Bomb (1998)
produced by Jim Greer

Homemade Pie
It’s Alright to Fight
Pay Attention

Killian MacGeraghty – songwriter, guitar, vocals
Shana Kingsley – vocal, guitar
Joe Castiglione – bass, vocals
Jeff Kingman – drums

• • •

from Kick the Dog (1993)
Produced by Watershed

Pink Butt
The Little Train That Could

Killian MacGeraghty – songwriter, guitar, vocals
Tom Flores – bass
Jeff Kingman – drums

• • •

Fine Art Compositions by Jeffrey Kingman

Five Easy Pieces (1995)
Jeffrey Kingman, piano
Listening to Fanny’s Father’s Ghost (1992)
Michael Orland – piano
I Said to Myself (1989)
Don Baker, Danny Tunick, Jeff Redlawsk and Jeffrey Kingman – percussion
Steve Horowitz – conductor

Three Sisters (1988)
Michael Orland – piano, George Thomson – viola, unknown – flute